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Information on LSTR therapy


New Approved LSTR Dentist
Dr. Reni Anggraini, Indonesia, has been evaluated to be a specialist in LSTR 3Mix-MP therapy at the 9th annual meeting, and approved by the Association of LSTR Therapy to be a approved LSTR dentist (September 19, 2010).

Articles appears in Journal of LSTR Therapy:
December 22, 2010 J LSTR Ther 9: 1-6, 2010
Handajanie et al: Survival of Root Canal Pulp Tissue after Pulpitis.
August 18, 2009 J LSTR Ther 8: 3-7, 2009
Takushige et al: Endodontic Retreatment using 3Mix-MP without Removal of Previous Root Canal Obturation.
August 18, 2009 J LSTR Ther 8: 1-2, 2009
Phides et al: MP Penetration through Obturated Root Canals -A Basis for LSTR 3Mix-MP NIET-
March/1/2009 J LSTR Ther 7: 6-10, 2008
Phides et al: Evaluation of Obturation by Image Analyses and Macrogol and Propylene Glycol Penetration.
Sep/1/2008 J LSTR Ther 7: 1-5, 2008
Takushige et al: Non-surgical treatment of pulpitis, including those with history of spontaneous pain, using a combination of antibacterial drugs.

The Association of LSTR Therapy

Founded in 2002 to aim to develop and exchange knowledge and clinical procedures on "lesion sterilization and tissue repair" (LSTR) therapy in dentistry. The association holds an annual meeting on the 3rd Sunday of September in Tokyo, Japan, and publish its Journal, the Journal of LSTR Therapy and its International WEB version.

Contact: The President of
The Association of LSTR Therapy, Prof. E. HOSHINO
<hoshinoetokyo@yahoo.co.jp>, if you need.